Mobile Price in Bangladesh with Full Specifications

Mobile Price in Bangladesh

Mobile price in Bangladesh nowadays is the most searched topic online. Because when you’re thinking of buying a new mobile it is important to know who are providing the best features in the current market. To put it a different way a Smartphone is like a mini-computer for the present world. Budget is an important matter to consider when buying a new phone. So look for those companies who are offering you the best gadget on your budget.
The Recent Popular Mobile Brands of Bangladesh.

Mobile Phone Price In Bangladesh

If you ask me about mobile prices in Bangladesh, I would like to say there are many excellent mobile phone brands are available in Bangladesh now. Like before, you don’t need to bring a good mobile from outside the world through your friends or relatives. Because you have so many options to get a smartly designed, incredibly featured, and reasonably priced mobile phone in your own country.

Mobile Price In Bangladesh

In this edition, the top most popular mobile brands are- Walton, Symphony, Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, Micromax, ZTE, and LG Lenovo. All these mobiles you can purchase in between 20K. If you are very budget-oriented or just want to buy a mobile phone on a limited budget then you can go with any of them.

Among them, most of the Symphony Smartphone price range is within BDT 5000 to BDT 13000. Therefore, this company grabs 40% of the Smartphone market in Bangladesh. Further Walton and Samsung are also providing a good range of mobile every month. Forthwith though Oppo is a new addition, yet it grabs already 5% of Smartphones in Bangladesh in a short time.

Android Mobile Price In Bangladesh

What Features You Should Look For

It totally depends upon you. At first, you have to understand your needs. Because priority differs in every individual choice.
❖ If your first priority is the camera then go for the models that are best for selfie cameras. Likewise, some android handsets offer 3 Megapixels and some others offer up to 8-megapixel cameras. Few mobiles support video conferencing with front-facing cameras. Others only come with rear-facing cameras for capturing photos and videos.

❖ The next thing is to consider 4G service. Since you’re buying a new mobile then why not have the most super speed network services. With this in mind, most android phones support 4G. So if the 4G network is important for you then make sure your carrier of choice offers 4G services.

❖ Then many people are also looking for battery life. In case you need to travel, more for business purposes or any other purpose where your mobile should ensure long battery life. When you’re browsing the internet or playing games it requires a longer battery capacity.

❖ Apps compatibility is also important to consider. Let alone iOS and Androids have more than 250,000 free and premium apps present. Hence, your Smartphone should support all the needed software.

Smartphone Price In BD

Rather you should also look for a warranty, storage capacity, decent display, stylish design, waterproof features before buying a pocket-friendly mobile. I hope now you know about a lot of Mobile prices in Bangladesh. So if you’re planning to buy a new one, go for it.